Additional skills and personalities by your side, with a unique ambition: the success of your project and your business.

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Samaris spa founder in 2011 in the Baie of the Somme, with 15 years of demonstrated brand development, financial management & operations expertise in the tourism, hospitality and health & wellness industry.

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Accounting and management expert with demonstrated success in the tourism and hospitality industry with the creation, development and management of a 4-star hotel in the Baie de Somme. Avid listener, his holistic approach of problems allowing for precise interventions.

Portrait de Budi


Experienced Balinese spa trainer, Budi joined the Samaris team 8 years ago and is responsible for design, training and of tailored treatment modalities.



We immerse ourselves in your concept to create treatment modalities and wellbeing programs


We advise you on the design, the suitability and the functionality of spaces and equipment


We create and validate all your systems and operations

Financial development

We provide the research and analysis of the audience, printing and costs to create the business plan and projected results

Human resources

We create the staff profiles, recruit and train your workforce to deliver the treatment protocols and front-of-house service

Guaranteed success

We provide ongoing operational, management support and quality control

"An incomparable style, service and atmosphere that are attracting an increasingly large clientele through their quality, depth and authenticity"


"By deciding to expand my establishment in 2010, I wanted to increase the capacity of the hotel but also offer an additional service to my customers. The Spa was obvious: it attracted new customers and was a source of additional income.

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"The approach Samaris too in the conception of the spa of Villages Nature has been particularly creative in the unique style it aimed to create, while remaining completely competitive in terms of development.

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Innovation is always the result of people who know how to come together and go straight to the essential.

Eight years after its creation in the Bay of the Somme in France, the success of the Samaris is obvious: a style, a service and an atmosphere attracting an ever increasing number of clients who value quality, meaning and authenticity.

This success was born from the meeting of minds in Bali and the Bay of the Somme in France, the result of extraordinary people always searching for excellence in every corner of the world.

This collaboration now unfolds its new dimension: Samaris, alongside its "Balinese master" now wishes to share its unique experience in training and consultancy with hotels and spas who are looking for the difference-making element and aspire to elevate the quality and efficiency of their treatment protocols and services at the service of innovation in the wellbeing of their audience.


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11 quai Blavet
80230 Saint-Valery-sur-Somme
Baie de Somme, France